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Links on the theme "Huguenots"

With this collection of links we hope to provide you with further useful information and to link the themes "Huguenots" and "Waldensians".

Museums (German)
The French Church and Huguenot Museum at the Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin (English)
German History Museum in Berlin (English)
The most important Huguenotmuseum in France (English)
Internet museum on French Protestantism with the addresses of 20 museums in France and with all important information on the Huguenots (English)
The International Museum of the Reformation (MIR) in Geneva presents the history of the Reformation from its beginnings to the present day, and the work of John Calvin in Geneva and in other countries. (English)
Waldensian Museum in Torre Pellice on the history of the Waldensians (English)
Martin Luther House in Wittenberg - a museum with an extensive exhibition on the Reformation (English)
Huguenot Museum in Franschhoek, South Africa (German)
Philipp Reis House and Huguenot Museum in Friedrichsdorf/Taunus (German)
The Waldensian museum "Henri Arnaud House" in Ötisheim - Schönenberg, near Pforzheim with exhibits on the history of the Waldensians (German)
The town museum has important collections on the Huguenot crafts of stocking-making, glove-making, tanning and tapestry-making. (German)
This museum has a large section on the history of the Huguenots and Waldensians. Main topic: Huguenot Bibles (German)
Waldensian friends Gottstreu-Gewissenruh

Stadtmuseum-Schwedt/Oder (German)
Information on the history of the Huguenots in the Uckermark. The Tobacco Museum in Vierraden which deals with the cultivation of tobacco by the Huguenots is an annex. loewen.htm (German)
The museum is housed in the "Haus zum Löwen" in Neu-Isenburg and gives information on this Huguenot town near Frankfurt. (German)
The library of Reformed Protestantism which puts on exhibitions
Musee du Protestantisme Dauphinois in Le Poët Laval

Societies and associations (German)
German Huguenot Society with seat in Bad Karlshafen (German)
German Waldensian Association (German)
Huguenot and Waldensian trail e.V. (English/French)
Comité protestant des Amitiés françaises à l'étranger. World Huguenot Centre in Paris (French)
Société de l'histoire du protestantisme français. Society of the History of French Protestantism. Extensive library on the history of the Huguenots in France, genealogical sources and museum in Paris (French)
Centre de Genealogie Protestant. Centre of Protestant Genealogy in Paris (English)
Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland (English)
National Huguenot-Society in USA (Danish)
Danish Huguenot Society (Italian)
Study society of the Waldensians in Italy (French)
Swiss society on the history of the Huguenots (English)
Huguenot society of South Africa (English)
Huguenot society of Australia (French)
Link to the Belgian Huguenot Society

Huguenot villages and Waldensian places in the region (German)
Town of Bad Karlshafen with information on administration and tourism (German)
Huguenot and History Society Frankenhain e.V. (German)
Study group on Huguenot and Waldensian history Schwabendorf e.V. (German)
Waldensian friends Gottstreu and Gewissenruh (German)
Church congregation in the Waldensian village Gewissenruh (German)
Huguenot village Kelze (German)
Huguenot village Mariendorf (German)
History circle Carlsdorf (German)
Church congregation near Frankenberg in Hesse (German)
Link to Leckringhausen in Hesseöneberg (German)
Huguenot house in Schöneberg near Hofgeismar

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