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The German Huguenot Society

Henri Tollin
Henri Tollin

It was mainly thanks to the initiative of the minister of the French-Reformed congregation of Magdeburg, Dr. Henri Tollin (1833-1902) and the district judge Richard Béringuier (1854-1916) that the "Deutscher Hugenotten-Verein" was founded on 29th September 1890.

In 1998 the name was changed to Deutsche Hugenotten-Gesellschaft e.V. (DHG). Since 2018 the German Huguenot Society is also responsible for the German Huguenot Museum in Bad Karlshafen.

The objectives of the societey

The aim of the "Verein" was to assist the French-Reformed congregations which were still mumerous in Germany at the end of the 19th century and to remind the Huguenot descendants of the Huguenot traditions. It did this with the "Geschichtsblätter" (history papers) which Henri Tollin published at irregular intervals.

The organ of the society was "Deutschen Hugenott" which from 1929 appeared four times a year. In 1998 it was renamed "Hugenotten".

The objectives of the society today

The German Huguenot Society has set itself the following objectives:

  • the maintenance and promotion of the Huguenot tradition in Germany
  • research into the history, theology and genealogy of the Huguenots
  • the responsibility for the German Huguenot Museum in Bad Karlshafen
  • the deepening of the German-French friendship
  • cooperation with Huguenot institutions and congregations at home and abroad
  • care for the poor and for refugees
  • promotion of understanding between the nations and religions of the world in a spirit of mutual respect and toleration

The German Huguenot Centre

To achieve these objectives the German Huguenot Society (DHG) established the German Huguenot Centre in Bad Karlshafen in 1989. The Society's office, specialised library and genealogical research department are on the top floor of the centre right above the museum.

Every two years the Society organizes "German Huguenot Days" in important towns where Huguenots found refuge.

Huguenot descendants and those people who wish to promote the aims of the Society can become members.

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