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Decalogue Panels - Panels with the Ten Commandments

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Moses and the Ten Commandments


(8 of 8) Moses and the Ten Commandments
Etching by Daniel Chodowiecki (1726-1801), dated 1784 - dimensions: 8.7 x 5.1 cm.

Plate 5 from the series "12 Blätter zur Geschichte der Menschheit nach ihren Culturverhältnissen" . Signature: Progrès de la Société. On this small etching the artist shows Moses in the foreground with the first panel of the Ten Commandments. A landscape and people at work can be seen in the background.

Literature: Engelmann, Wilhelm: Daniel Chodowiecki's sämmtliche Kupferstiche, Leipzig 1926, p. 270, No. 517

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