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Decalogue Panels - Panels with the Ten Commandments

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Decalogue panel in Erlangen


(6 of 8) Decalogue panel in Erlangen
Oil and wood - Francois Jérémie Abren (c. 1667-1722) - dated 1717 (Abren was a court lacquerer who came from Geneva) - dimensions: 140 x 104 cm.

The gold-coloured text on a black background starts with the heading: LES DIX COMMANDEMENTS DE / LA LOY DE DIEU. EXODE: Xxme. Then follow the Preface and two framed columns: LA PREMIERE TABLE with the commandments I-IV and LA SECONDE TABLE with the commandments V-X and the summary of the commandments in the love commandment of Jesus according to St. Matthew 22, verse 37. The panel is signed at the bottom: Ecrita Cristian Erlang. Francois Jeremie Abren 1717. The panel which belongs to the French Reformed Church of Erlangen is on display in the Stadtmuseum Erlangen.

Literature: 300 Jahre Hugenottenstadt Erlangen. Vom Nutzen der Toleranz. Exhibition catalogue Erlangen 1986, pp. 140 and 142.

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