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Decalogue Panels - Panels with the Ten Commandments

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The Decalogue panel in Celle


(4 of 8) Dekalogtafel in Celle
Oil on wood - golden letters on a black background - unknown artist - dimensions: 225 x 160 cm.

The panel is in the Reformed church in Celle and a reproduction is in the German Huguenot Museum in Bad Karlshafen. The Preface and Commandments I - IV are on the left column. Commandments V - X according to the version in Exodus XX are on the right column, along with the Summary and the Commandment to love as laid down in the Gospel of St.Matthew XXII, verse 37.

Literature: Tollin in GDHV II,7, p. 29; BSHPF 1931, p. 62. Reformed congregation in Celle

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