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Mereaux - Communion Tokens

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Source - Information on the illustrations: Barbara Dölemeyer and Jochen Desel, Deutsche Hugenotten- und Waldenser-Medaillen. Contributions to a Histoire Métallique du Refuge Allemand. Monsieur Charles Delormeau, Die Abendmahlsmarken der Reformierten Kirchen. In: Der Deutsche Hugenott 44 (1980). pp. 2-5.

Mereau - Communion token - Walloon congregation Magdeburg
Mereau - Communion token - Halberstadt, 18th century
Mereau - Communion token
Reformed congregation Dresden
Mereau - Communion token
Danzig - Elisabethkirche, 19th century
Mereau - Communion token
French church of Berlin
Mereau - Communion token
Erlangen, 18th century

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